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Brought up Jun 20, 2012

Whys... Subject Hair at Midnight

Why is it when you are finally starting to sleep as soon as you hit the hay, others seem to think your presence is invaluable, and needed right away? I have gotten into a comfy place, finally, with my sleep pattern. I rarely have insomnia any more, and because I am bleary eyed, but up and walking early of a morn, I go to bed fairly early for me. I've started getting a good 6 hours or so of sleep, and though I am still struggling with being tired, at least I'm not sleepy much during the day. Last night I was in bed by 9:30, and asleep quickly. Two hours later, during a great dream I soon forgot, my charming daughter's voice crashed urgently through the land of Nod. I was groggy, and at first thought that something was desperately wrong. I shook off the sleep, sat up, and through slitted eyes regarded the shadow in the door way. Wake up, Mom. I need you, are words every mother responds to, but what followed had me dumb founded. I need you to help me dye my hair. Was she out of her freakin' mind? Had she finally slipped over that line between sanity and wallpaper flower picking? No. Well, not according to her... I am still reserving judgement on that.

I rose, swearing fluently, slipped on a pair of sweatpants under my Eeore night shirt ('This is my morning face') and stumbled into the world of dumb stunts. Apparently, she had been helping one of her friends, sweet little Cokie from previous entries, dye her hair a very dark brown. Some how my darling child managed to get the color in her own hair, liked it, and needed hers done asap. So, mom had to put on the extermely tight gloves that were like balloon material, and work the foamy muck throughout her hair. Once that was done, a cigarette smoked, still gtumbling, I was able to go to sleep.It was after 1a.m. before I sozed off.

This morning, I woke to find a young, unteased Elvira, Mistress of Darkness had taken up residence in my home, minus the cleavage. The dark hair makes her tanning bed tan pale. I let it slide, much as I wanted to get snide. Let someone else break it to her. After all, it's mom's job to help, not squash her creative, adventurous streak. I wonder where she gets that? Great, those pesky silver threads are showing again...


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