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Brought up Jun 23, 2012

Live Music and An Efing TV

The husband finally made it home. You'd think I would be glad. I was, and I will be again I'm sure, but for now I am just a bit pissed off.

We had a nice dinner at one of my favorite places. Some of the best pulled BBQ in the area. I am very much a southern girl when it comes to BBQ. As we waited, and I snarfed down fried mushrooms, my best gal called. Her nephew/little brother (long story involving a girl not ready to be a mom, and her wonderful folks who raised the baby) plays guitar and sings in a band. They were playing at one of the local hot spots for the upper crust (or those who THINK they are upper crust) in the area. She and her mom were going. I jumped at it. Hell, yeah, I wanted to go hear the band. Setting a good example of respect, I let the girl know that her dad and I were going to hear the band. Did she want to go? Of course.

It was fun to see my friend and her family. Her mom is doing great on chemo, and even left her oxygen tank home. Her nephew's two kids were there, as it is also a favorite restaurant, too. The kids are a lively pair.

First, the husband became glued to one of about 90 flat screens. Ik, maybe not 90, but more than I have ever seen in one place out side of Wallmart. It was like sitting at home. His eyes rarely left the screen, that I could not see, and had no interest in watching. It was mounted over my head. So he proceeds to comment on what's on the screen, as I am trying to listen to the music, and hang out with my friend. His attention rarely left the screen, and the more he talked of what was on the tube, the more irritated I became.

After a while, we moved closer to the stage, away from most of the screens. He sort of becsme interested in the music, and I relaxed a bit. That was the kid's cue to start bitching about the 'snobs' she knew who worked at the place, and how she just needed to get back to her friend, whom she is with pretty much most of the time. She went outside a few times to take phone calls, then bitched some more. I had enough. When the band took a break, my friend and I took a smoke break, said we'd see each other on Sunday, and we left.

I rarely get to do things like we did tonight, though I am doing them more than I used to. It was just sad that we could not enjoy the evening together, instead of the two of them being distracted, doing what they can do any time.

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Anonymous » 6 years ago

i know it was a pain in your ass... But it made me feel good spending some time with You...LOVE YOU