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Brought up Sep 13, 2012

Kids... Go Figure!

Just when I think I know my kids, what they are really into, they surprise me. It's getting to be a habit, but one I enjoy. I say I don't like surprises, but, that's sort of a fib. i think we all like them if they are pleasant. My darling brats keep giving me both pleasant, and not so great surprises, but lately the good ones out weigh the bad. In the process of it all, they underline how much they love me. It isn't necessary. I know.

My girl child missed me like crazy this past weekend. I expected her to enjoy the mom free period. Since she rarely is home these days anyway, I figured it wouldn't make much difference. She informed me that she prefers it when she KNOWS I am at home. The boy hasn't been as vocal about it, but has made a point to spend time with me, which is his way of saying he missed me, too.

Today, it was breakfast with the boy, on him; Monday the girl bought me breakfast. Also on Monday, the girl informed me she was buying me two books I have been wanting. This afternoon, she handed me not only the books, but also a membership card in BAM's discount club. The kid knows my love of books, and has now made it a little easier for me to buy them. Screw Kindles and the lot. I prefer pages I can actually turn, touch, see, and smell.

So, my Stephen King collection just grew today. Sweet kid that she is, my girl has earned a few brownie points for her next screw up. Hummm.. unless she already has done something and I just haven't heard about it yet... The boy? Eh, well, who knows? He may be kissing up for something.


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