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Brought up Sep 11, 2012

Writing Again, Finally

It's been a while since I actually wrote something besides the blog. Not sure why. It's as if my creative juices just dried up for a while. Tonight, I made a pact with myself to try writing a little something, besides the blog, every day. I had wanted to work on 'My' story, but just couldn't go there tonight, so I chose to fiddle around with one of my fictions. 'My' story will keep, though I do feel the tug to get it into some sort of order, and not just the fragments I have written so far. My husband refers to it as a first draft, but I still think of it as fragments. The Punk printed it out for me quite a while ago so that I would have a paper copy to edit, and I even made a second copy so I would have an original of it all, but for some reason, I just can't go wandering down that path. Not just yet. I guess I am afraid of the dark places it visits, am afraid they may suck me back into them. I am not the same person represented on those pages, nor the one who wrote them, and I guess I am afraid one or both will try to jockey for center stage. I'm not sure I have evolved to a place where I am tough enough to prevent the old, dark places from claiming my new light. I know it seems strange for a person to think of themselves or their lives as divided like that, but I have sort of become a different person, and it's easier to think in those terms when referring to the story of it all.

I actually added two pages to a story I wrote a few months back, expanding a short. I don't know how it will go now, if it will just be a longer 'short' or maybe even a novella length thing when I am done. It's a story I loved when I wrote it, but the main character seemed a bit flat when I looked it over tonight. I hadn't even given anyone in the story names. Anyway, maybe the weekend has replenished the juice. No promises, but let's hope so.....


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