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Brought up Sep 10, 2012

Home Again...

Even with a quick pit stop, due to being parched and doing that familiar 'gotta go' dance, I made great time getting home. Micah, my beloved steed did admirably well, considering his bum rotor, and is now settled into his usual spot in the driveway.

I was missed. I called my girl kid to tell her I was an hour from home, and for her to tell her brother. I was informed he was at work. When I was 20 minutes from home, she called wanting to know what was taking me so long. Of course, where she happened to catch me is a 'dead zone' for cellular devices, and it took 3 calls for her to finally convey that she and her best girl wanted me to meet them at our local Burger King, which was the same chain eatery where I had stopped outside Huntsville. Ours really needs to get one of those nifty tea dispensers. (The other actually had very good green tea on tap) Of course, they were waiting for me, and I was told that my 20 year old missed her mom because, "When I am out, I always know you're there at home." Sweet, but she will have to get used to mom not always being at the house. Mom has plans for more weekends away, off spending more fun times with my friends. Hey, the brats do it, why not me?

I wanted to write about the wedding, and I will write in more detail sometime. It was one of the sweetest days. I'm not sure I can do it justice. Seeing how happy my BFF is, and seeing the love in her new husband's eyes, had me in tears during the ceremony. There may not be a legal document, but they are truly committed to one another in ways that some with the documents to go with the union never reach. His children adore her, and her daughter is crazy about him. So am I come to think of it. He is a rare thing in this day and age: a true Southern Gentleman. He is funny, kind, and loves my sister of the heart. That is enough for me to love him. I fell in love with his girls, too. They are all very unique young women that I look forward to seeing again soon.

My drive home was bittersweet in several ways. I missed my kids, and wanted to sleep in my own bed again, but I miss my best girl, her new man, and all those girls. Her girl, and they, are on the road to help her get settled into her new life with her husband who is in the Marines. I got to know the little Goth a bit more this weekend, and will miss her when I go back to visit and she isn't there. She is a very smart, creative young woman I have whom I have known mostly since birth. This weekend, I got to know the young woman the child has become, and admire her greatly. I see her as my friend now, not just my BFF's Little Goth Child.

The husband also made it for the tail end of the reception, and spent the night. It was nice to have a kid-less evening, away from home, even though we were all so drained from the past few days.

This morning, as the one before, I took a short walk first thing. No where near my mile, but it was nice. Today, I even found a small token to bring home: a guitar pick. An omen? Who knows? Maybe it is a little hint of things to come.

I can not wait for this month to get over, so the BFF and I can head for the ocean and cut loose. Acting like mature, married ladies, remember? Right! Sure! Believe what ever you want. This weekend, we were grown up enough, thank you very much.


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