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Brought up Sep 8, 2012

Early Morning in Georgia

It's nearly seven, and still dark, mostly. The time difference here is a little unsettling. I set the alarm on my phone to get up at my usual time for my walk, and it was so dark, and her road so busy, that I had to settle for a few turns up and down the length of her yard and part of the neighbor's. Enough to be called a walk, I guess, but I hope to get more in today. I'm still a little achy from the drive, and the evening's stroll around Chattanooga, but these old bones can handle a little soreness for the BFF.

I used to hate mornings, but lately, I've grown fond of this time when I can collect my thoughts, and watch the day awaken full of new promises. It's peaceful and gives me time to wake slowly, away from others who would be otherwise subjected to my grizzly bear routine. Sitting here in the middle of the bed, as the rest of the house still sleeps, with only the sound of the fan and traffic on the road, I can't help but reflect on yesterday. I still have a hard time realizing that I actually made the trip alone, on roads I have never traveled.

the scenery alone is worth the drive from my little town in West Tennessee to this even smaller burg in Georgia. It's amazing, the natural beauty of my beloved South, as well as the man made marvels along the way. As much as I love it here, I know I have to travel back home tomorrow, and it has tears rolling down my face. I miss having the Wee Woman close enough to see more often, but it warms my heart to see her so happy, finally. She has had so many assholes stroll into her life, wreck havoc, and leave her to put the pieces back together. It's wonderful to see her with a good guy that makes her laugh, and adores her. I feel such love in this house. I really could stay here. I guess I am a bit jealous, but so happy for her. The day promises to be interesting, to say the least.

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Holly » 6 years ago

Enjoy your adventure!