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Brought up Sep 5, 2012

So Far, So Good, Redo...

Yep, what I wrote vanished, and this time, I have no clue what I did. Once again, piecing it back together.

I started off thanking my readers. So, again, thanks for reading. (The Punk just informed me I should write in 'works', then copy/paste... Duh! Ya think?) And thanks for the comments. They help me keep at this, and I reread them from time to time when I need a reminder that I'm not alone.

Now, let's see...

Okay, the snafu has been taken care of, and according to the husband, there should be cash Friday for the trip, as well as bills, etc. The Doom and Gloom me would be dragging her feet, bawling, and giving up. The new and improved, though slightly battered and more wrinkled, version has started packing.

My girl brat and I went, egads!!! shoe shopping yesterday. Not one of my favorite pass times. We did have fun, though. My kid is a riot. I thought I would fall in the floor as she strutted around in boots with 4 inch heels. Her giggles as she looked down at me were music to my ears, as always. We joked about a nice, thick, squishy pair of flip flops with lime green uppers, some rubberized cowboy boots, and a pair of sandals that would have made Cleopatra jealous. I tried on several pairs of shoes, as the girl commented. "Nope." "Old Lady." "You are kidding, right?" We settled on a pair that fit the style I had told the Punk earlier I would NOT be wearing: heels with open toes. Okay, I admit, they aren't too bad, and even comfortable. The girl approved, the Punk gave a texted thumbs up to a picture, with one of his goofy jokes, (driving with my feet is on my to do list, Punk) but best of all, the BFF texted, "I like." Her dislike would have meant a return trip to the store. (Sorry, Punk, but I have been informed that men's opinions on shoes don't count. You know I appreciate it, though, or there would not have been a pic!!)

I spoke with said BFF last night as she mellowed out, thanks to her son in law's gift of something that is supposed to taste like apple pie. She assured me it was alcohol. (I hope you saved some for me, chick. For scientific purposes, you understand.) She told me during the recent move, she discovered something that she had been meaning to give me. Great. We know how I like surprises... I'd rather have my teeth drilled with out meds. She said this I will want.

See, a few years back, when a beloved priest was leaving our small, but devoted congregation, the husband and I asked if he could bless our marriage before he left. We had been married 19 years earlier in a judge's chambers, and though Judge Valentine (yep, really his name) had made it all nice and legal, we had not taken the time for our planned church blessing. It was a mad scramble, planned in just a couple of days. Our sweet church friends even brought a cake and punch that accidentally matched my peach colored dress. The BFF and her girl kid came, armed with a camera. She has found the pictures. It was 6 years ago, and she says I will want to see these. Her husband to be was shocked at them. Said something like, "She has dropped a lot of weight." I am not sure I want to see those pictures, but I will. If nothing else, they will be a reminder of what I used to look like, and do not want to look like again.

So, there it is, more or less what I wrote the last time. Sort of. And, the Punk informs me that it is my 150th entry. A mile stone in my journey... Thanks, again, for taking it with me.

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wee woman » 5 years ago

I can't wait for you to get here... its like 3:15 am and I cant sleep knowing you are coming over.... man, how long has it been since we had a sleepover, we gotta prank some punk if you get call in middle of night...she did it