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Brought up Sep 8, 2012

I Made It!!!

You would never believe where I am writing from tonight. Yep, I made it 200+ miles, mostly on my own, though there was a small screw up that the Punk managed to talk me through. (I still say they need signs warning first timers of the awesomeness of those rockets, Punk!!!) Four and a half hours, and I was sitting at a gas/convenience store waiting for the Wee Woman, AKA the BFF, and her significant other. As I stopped at the red light off the exit where I was to meet the BFF, I threw back my head and laughed like an idiot. I really made it here.

I still am amazed I made it here, on my own, with just the one airhead moment. Poor Micah, my trusty steed, has a little problem with one of his tires. Well, we think it may be the rotor or bearings. Anyway, he sounds like a plane flying low. I risked it for the BFF. I told her it would take an act of God to keep me away. I meant it.

Once I hauled my crap out of the car (half I probably won't even touch before I head back home), a quick tour of the house, a little chit chat, (where she asked me to stand up with her... yes, the Mad of Honor, Punk) we headed to the big city nearest them...Chattanooga. I could live here if I could go there every few days. The museums alone would hold my attention for months, but there were many other things that could keep me occupied for the next decade.

We had Chinese food at a wonderful, peaceful place. I ate sushi for the first time, wasabi and frog legs as well. Liked, loved, and ehhh, it was okay.

Since the BFF's girl brat left her ID at home, the night life was curbed for a later date. We did a little walking around the aquarium instead. No, I did not walk down the steps with flowing water, but after the BFF, a persistent little yahoo, did a lot of badgering, I did take off my shoes, socks,rolled up my jeans, and walked in the little shallow pool. I sweated like a pig, but it was a cool time, ending with another first. Italian ice. I tasted cheesecake, and oatmeal raisin cookie, but recommend the root beer. Very refreshing.

We drove through an area that is recovering from a tornado that a year or so ago, left a path of destruction miles long. So many businesses may never reopen, so many homes that may never be rebuilt. The lives lost of course will never be replaces either.

I was given a quick tour of the nearby battle field turned national park. A sad thing when funding is cut by our government so that most of the place is tall grass with small areas mowed around the monuments. I also saw a house that looked like a flying saucer, too. All in all, it should be an interesting visit. We are already planning my next one. I have the chain of events messed up, but the BFF DID save some of the apple pie flavored stuff, and well...

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, and I am here... I already don't want to go home.

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da punk » 6 years ago

Those of us that know and love you are proud that you made it! And it sounds like you even kept it under a hundred...congrats to the wee one! I expect to see pictures!!!

wee woman » 6 years ago

i dont want you to go either....PUNK, I just might keep her