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Brought up Sep 2, 2012

Roll Tide!!!!

We Southern chicks love our football. I have been an Alabama fan since I was big enough to know what a football was. Tonight, Bama is playing my husband’s favorite college team, Michigan. We had a bet, the loser washes Micah, the car. I dropped the bet when we were unable to watch the game, but I shouldn’t have. The BFF and The Punk have been sending me text updates, and trash talking. We take our football seriously down here! So far, my husband has gotten an “I feel sorry for them,” from the Punk, and a KMA from the BFF. The husband just laughed and rolled his eyes. Used to the BFF, my husband is. He is a tolerant soul. He has to be. When football season starts, his wife is replaced by a Bama fiend, after all. H e knew what he was getting into when he married me. Of course, he has one redeeming quality: he says he respected The Bear, he of hound’s tooth hats and winning games. Of course, he should remove his cap when he speaks that name. Only God and Jesus are more revered in the south. There are some who put Earnhardt in that category as well, but not in this house. Never really got into the whole NASCAR thing, though my sister thinks the man should be canonized, along with her Smack Down wrestling favorites. Okay, I draw the line there, too. I have a problem with men who roll around with each other in their underwear, all oiled up. I was taught that should be done in private.

The husband is stoic. His team has fallen under the force of the Tide. I tried to tell him, but what do I know? Yeah, baby!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!! Okay, it was a bit sad to the husband for his team to be crushed 14-41, but he reminded me that it is only the forth time The Tide has won against the Wolverines. Out of 41 times they have faced one another. Sounds like sour grapes to me. I should have kept that bet.


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