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Brought up Aug 29, 2012

Vanity, Vanity

All my fussing about a damned dress seems a little vain to me, but honestly, I think we all have just a little pride in something. I think that when that pride takes over, that's when it becomes a sin. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, trying to decide if it's vanity, or just not wanting to stick out like a hooker at a church revival. After all this, here are my results.

Let's see. Well, there is the excess blubber I wag around on the bod... nah, nothing to be vain or proud about there, unless one counts the little bit of pride over shedding a little of said blubber. I guess I'm sort of smart, but the airhead routine that has dogged me for years sort of counter acts any vanity there.

Let's start at the top and work down. The hair used to be something between steel wool and a chia pet, so nope, nothing there worth getting puffed up over. Over the years, it has lost a lot of the curl, just when I want it around. Those pesky colorless strands that have me resorting to visiting the Revlon isle every 6-8 weeks don't help there, either. I have my Granny's eye color, and in her face they were beautiful, kind and twinkled with humor. Me? Ah, they just look tired in this mug. That might have something to do with the circles that have been a recent addition. the nose is straight, half way decent, I guess. The lips were never much to begin with, and have thinned a bit over the past few years as to sort of disappear sometimes. Let's not think of that area in between the nose and lips, okay? The knobby, pointy little chin looks like someone just tacked it on at the last minute. The jaw, cheek bones... okay, they at least have reappeared, but nothing spectacular. The turkey gobble thing really does nothing to improve the over all look.

Pear shaped is not a good thing, especially when the rear is slightly smaller than Rushmore, only slightly. I always thought the feet were huge, but the brats have me beat there. Okay, my hands. There, that's my vanity point.

I have been told I have nice hands, long graceful fingers, well shaped. I also grow my own nails quite easily. I have even been asked if the nails are real. Yep. If you saw them with out polish, you'd know right a way. I keep them long to avoid biting them, though I have chewed the skin surrounding them all my life. A few of the fingers are a little crooked, thanks to snow football in college, and I have noticed that a few of the knuckles are getting a bit larger. They are betraying me lately, achy and not quite as strong as they once were. Time seems to be taking away my one vanity point. Figures.

I have decided that there is nothing wrong with just a drop of vanity and pride, as long as it doesn't run your life. I think I'll do my nails nice for the BFF's wedding. I need a new polish, and maybe another file...

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wee woman » 5 years ago

Girl you don't have a vain bone in your body. As for the weight loss.... This was for your health, congestive heart failure and COPD were waiting around the corner and you are working toward a detour. The diabetes you will take care of. For years I have been concerned that you wouldnt be around long enough to chase the male nurses down the hall with me... THANK YOU for doing something to correct this