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Brought up Aug 28, 2012

Waiting and Wondering

I am still waiting for the damned dress. The on line thing says it has been processed for shipment, but so far, that's all. It is better than yesterday's "being processed" thing, I guess, but, I am one who wants things done yesterday. I hate waiting with a passion.

To that end, I got rid of the silvery threads once again Sunday night, and this time, I am actually on the border of being pleased with the results. the damned red is till there, of course, and I am resigned to accepting that no coloring,, short of actually bleaching it all out, will ever get rid of the red. It is the closest I have gotten to my natural color since I started the fight against the silvery strands, though, and I think it looks pretty good. Oh, man, did I really say that?

I walked an extra half mile today, in hopes that when the damned dress arrives, it will actually be a little more loose fitting than I am imagining. Eating less, due to the stomach in knots will help that as well, I guess. The wedding is now 11 days away, and what with three different people advising me on which routes to take, the anxiety over being afraid I won't find the right shoes, and just knowing I will get a lousy hair cut on Friday or Saturday, I am not in my happy place these days. I can not even imagine what the BFF is going through. I will be taking my baby here with me, and blogging when able. Man!! 11 days...


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