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Brought up Aug 16, 2012

Humbling a Southern Woman

I am Southern, born and bred, as my favorite song says. I laugh out loud these days when I think how hard I worked as a teen to loose the accent, the way of thinking. My father, in denial of his own heritage, called it hillbilly. If he were alive now, I would look him dead in the eye and say, "So?" I embrace my Southern roots with every fiber of my being.

Anyone in these parts will tell you, a Southern woman's battle cry is, "Oh, Hell No!" I would bet anything, you could walk into any gathering of Southern males, utter those words in the right tone, no matter where it is, and they will look around with a guilty look, duck for cover, or suddenly remember they should be anywhere else but there. So a Southern woman is an intimidating creature. A southern woman who is also a mother could probably put a two ton gorilla in the ground if you mess with their kid.

Now, I have talked of my kids with exasperation, humor, anger, and pride. I have raised two strong, self reliant individuals. They are smart, loyal, tough kids that never fail to amaze me. They are also pig headed, obnoxious, hot heads. I have to admit... they get that from their father! Okay, okay, okay... maybe a small amount of it comes from my side of the family, too. (Their dad is a Yankee, so I can blame that for any negative things!) That last usually causes me to take anything they plan or say with a tiny bit of doubt. My daughter in particular is one tough chick. She is also one of the most giving, tenderhearted creatures I have been honored to know. Yet, she has been known to spin a pipe dream or two, and then let it pass. Little she does surprises me, including the tattoos. Today, however, she humbled me, surprised me, and frightened me all at the same time. My child, my baby girl, is planning to join the Navy.

She has talked of it for a while now, but secretly, I hoped it would go the same way as the french horn she played in high school, the piercings she has allowed to grow closed, and the snake she once wanted for a pet. Far from it. Today, she and her best friend drove two hours to talk to a female recruiter they had met. I had been believing that they were a package deal. Both would join, or neither. When my daughter returned, she informed me of a few things. First, her friend was not enlisting. She is looking at other options for school. Second, she had learned she had to loose a total of 14 inches off her body. And third, with or with out her friend, she was enlisting. She sees it as a chance to get the education she desires, but also, to do the job she has always wanted as well. She wants to eventually be a psychologist, and help those in the military with post traumatic stress. It seems like a lofty idea, but, the girl is Southern raised, if half Yankee. She is very much her mother's child, and what she wants, she will do, eventually. She never has had anyone tell her otherwise, and I will not start that crap now. I hate the idea of her leaving, but she seems determined, and as she said, it's not like she will be going a million miles away, or be gone forever. My sweet baby girl has to fly away some time. Why shouldn't I share her with those who will appreciate her as I do?

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Holly » 6 years ago

Exciting and scary, both. Give J a big hug for me and tell her I know she can do it!!