How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Apr 26, 2012

Mama said... Continued.

Ok, my days are really boring, so I wouldn't expect too much.

My best friend's mom seems to be doing well. There is talk of shaving heads in solidarity when her hair falls out. They have been assured this going to happen because of the type of drugs needed to fight the cancer. My friend is afraid she has too ugly a head to go hairless... hum... I said something about doing it as well. I hope she forgets. See I have this big, disgusting mole on my head that has been there all my life. I have never seen it, but have hit it with a comb an brush enough times to know, NO ONE wants to see that thing. I love the bunch of them, though, so if it means wearing a hat for a couple of months, so be it. I have threatened to shave my head, get me an orange sheet and roam the town with a cup several times over the years, so what the hell.

The boy's car is up and running, sort of. He is still having brake and suspension issues... See, this car is his baby. He stripped this thing down to the frame, and has rebuilt it over a couple of years now. It even has a custom paint job. In the process of it all, he has spent more hours in junk yards, under the hood, on line wheelin' and dealin' than the thing probably spent on the assembly line. It's crazy what a guy will do for the love of his car...

It's now, what uhm, day 13; my brain is all over the place, as one can see above, but I really don't miss the smokes as much as I thought I would. Somedays it's actually worse!!!! But days like today, hey, not so bad. The day is very young, however.


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