How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Apr 12, 2012

Update, Continued...

Talked with my friend last night. The scans showed no spreading of the cancer. Fantastic news! With the cancer contained, treatment will be straight forward. Chemo with 'heavy metal' medications. The cancer is still stage 4, though they have not told Mrs Williams this. They want her to fight, and feel she would not if she knew. Keep those prayers coming, positive vibes, what ever one believes.

Talked with another friend as well yesterday. Man! Some women give the rest a bad name. My friend has a real piece of work for a daughter-in-law. Or, should I say former daughter-in-law if they can nail the little monster down long enough to get the papers signed. The problem is, her son is in the military, and two different states are involved. Not a pretty sitch; It could be dragged out for two years if the little heifer doesn't cooperate. Apparently, she isn't, though she is the one who wanted the divorce. She doesn't want to let go of those military benifits.


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