How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Apr 11, 2012

Updates & Bellyaches

The boy is on the mend. He has been a little hard to live with, cranky, but today, he seems to be turning a corner on that.

It's been a crazy week. My friend's mom is having scans done to determine if the cancer has spread. Once that is determined, she faces chemo. She is a tough lady, and I admire her courage and humor in facing it all. She has always been one of my favorite folks anyway, but now, she is also a hero of mine. I am proud to know her, and am praying every day that she beats this awful thing. It's horrible to think that something can trigger a person's own cells to attack the body the way cancer does. All my praying friends, please put Georgia Williams on your lists. Those who don't, send out positive vibes, please.

Now, the bellyaching part...

Any guys that might read this may want to duck and cover. Kids, too, for that matter... Any mom/wife that reads this will know exactly what I am talking about. Does your family think you are psychic? Or that because you have well, all the female parts, that they are some sort of devining rod or geiger counter? How many times have you heard, 'Mom, where's my (Fill in the blank)?' or "Hon, have you seen my (you get the idea)?' I told a friend today that sometimes, I sit for a minute, my hand to my forehead, then say, 'Sorry, the spirits aren't speaking to me today.' It really gets frustrating, though when they all seem to think because you are there, you SHOULD know where ever freaking CD, car part, paper, or article of clothing is located. The worst part is when they have the nerve to be angry with YOU because THEY have misplaced something. I wonder sometimes if they think I go around and deliberately hide stuff from them. I am tempted to do just that at times. Ok, once, I did find my son's cell phone just lying in the seat of my car, and hid it from him. And once I found my daugher's on the counter by the toilet, and hid it... Hum... maybe they do have a point. Nah... Sorry, but the spirits tell me you lost it, you find it.


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