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Brought up Apr 14, 2012

Rednecks... Southern Style

Thanks to the glorious invention of the television, people all over the world know what a Redneck is... and most outside the U.S. seem to think it is strictly a Southern thing. Not true; Not even close. And since I have been introduced to the WWW, I have discovered it isn't just concentrated to the U.S. either... As Americans, we have introduced Rednecks to the world... but My Darlin' Friends, we Southerners invented it, refined it, perfected it...

Being called a Redneck was once an insult in the South. It meant that you were common, that you worked outside, neck bent to the sun... thus the 'red neck.' And the goal was to be inside, out of the sun.

Now days, many of our darlin' Southern men, and a lot of our sweet Southern gals as well, are embracing the term, and wearing it with pride. A dear friend of mine bats around town in a 1999(?) Durango. Said vehicle is 'Bama' red... with a silver tailgate. Now, this friend could easily afford one of these jacked up new things that the so called 'Rednecks' bounce around in... but he loves his Durango, with the silver tailgate, no heat... and dented up nicely. That is a true Redneck... not one of these wanna bes. And he will readily agree if you call him one. He's worked hard to get where he is in life, deserves the gifts God has given him, and like a true Southern gentleman, gets a bit embarassed if someone says so, or pays him any compliment.

A true Southern Redneck is one who is fiercely loyal... to family, friends, God and country... and not always in that order. They will readily admit that they love all of those... but do not always LIKE what they do...

My family is a prime example on that. We have family members who have nothing to do with each other. We say we love them, just don't like some of the stuff they do. I could air family laundry here, but choose not to, exactly. Let's just say, there are those in my family that

A) Fit the 'pretend' redneck

B) Are true Rednecks, proud and true

C) Some that are just what my grandmother once called 'white trash'

(Remind me sometime and I will give you plenty of defining on that term)

D) And of course the ones that are too 'prim and proper' to believe they would fit any of those (though actions speak louder than words... and they fit all the above...)

I'm not sure which category I fit in, but I'm not fussed over it. (I believe that is the mark of a true Redneck... Huh, Punk?)

Yes, we Southerners, as the Punk would say, have written the book, sold the movie rights, bought the T shirt, on the Redneck thing. Check out some old Jeff Foxworthy if you need more explaination. Yeah, he's a bit of an exageration and tosses in what most of us would call 'white trash' instead, but he's a good ole Southern boy, all be it from Georgia, which makes us from the neighboring states want to pat him on the head and say poor li'l feller...

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punk » 6 years ago

Good one Bell. I have uncles named after robert e lee and henry ford and have a cousin with the given name of bubba...can i join the redneck club?