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Brought up Apr 5, 2012

I Think I have Finally Lost It (if I ever had it)

Wow!! Maybe I should complain more often!!! Thanks to all for visiting. Come back soon! LOL!!

It's been a weird week. Something I chose not to write about is my topic tonight. Last Friday, I decided to make those around me, those with whom I come into contact, and myself miserable. Not only am I trying to lose another 90+ pounds, anf going through that charming bit of Mother Nature's cruel joke on the aging female... I freakin' decided to try and quit smoking as well.

I smoked one cigarette on Saturday, three on Sunday, one and 1/2 on Monday, two or three Tuesday, and so far three today. I know, I know, but that little bit has taken the edge off what has turned pretty nasty... and very well may have saved a few lives.

For some freakin' reason, known only to The One In Charge, the hot flashes have kicked in, I am freakin' starvin' two hours after I eat, I am as Ill as a hornet most of the time. My kids are barely speaking to me, except to chuckle. WTF!!! My one male friend outside of family seems to be perfecting the art of duck and cover. My husband? Well, let's just say it's a damned good thing the man is on the road and no where near me the past few days.

Add into the mix the temps getting close to 90 freakin' degrees, in April, no less... Yeah. I just hope they get my good side when they film the scene of the crime and cart me off to the funny farm... By that time I will probably have shaved my head, gotten something tattooed...

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Connie » 6 years ago

Change one habit at a time. Never two big ones at the same time. . .You are sooo Stress out. Just smoke! ((hugs))