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Brought up Apr 9, 2012

ER visits... and My Son.

We spent a nice chunk of last night in the ER, the latest of many trips for my boy. At 24, he has been to the ER at least double the number times I have, and I am twice his age, or so. The first time was his birth, of course. He and I were in a car accident with friends when he was about 2. Let's see, well, since then, there has been a dog attack, falls, cuts, a 4 wheeler accident, skate boarding, roller blading, and let's not forget the old fist through a window that he thought was plexiglass... and the butt through a car's rear window. There was an unfortunate infection that some how migtated to a delicate area after a very bad cold. (Don't ask me. I have no clue on that, but the doctor swore that was what caused the swelling and pain.) This latest? Spider bite.

I have never known anyone to have so many accidents. Of course, the kid is 6' 6", and especially during his teen, was like a Great Dane pup, all feet, legs, and tripping over everything. He has had massive amounts of stitches and staples in one leg from falling, and a pair of large,ugly connecting scars to show off proudly. It's not like he's a dare devil, either. He has just been either accident prone, hot headed, and a bit careless.

The butt through his car window is a prime example. My sister and I were talking with him outside our house. The boy was chatting away, and simply jumped up on the back of his car to sit down. The problem was, he misjudged the size of the trunk of his car, and butt planted on the rear window, shattering it, going through it, and hitting the back of his head on the jagged glass along the edge. If I hadn't seen it, there is no way I would have believed it. The same with the leg. It was one of those things where with most would have had just a few scratches. Because he had grown so fast in a short period of time, his skin was stretched taught, and it split open to the point where people thought there was a chunk missing... and he did it twice on the same leg.

My boy is just a clutzy young man... he comes by it honestly. Poor kid!

This latest has me worried, as the area is still swollen and red. He was given a shot of antibiotic, and a shot for nausea last night, and ten days of more antibiotics to take. I didn't know that was the treatment for a spider bite. Of course, he is SO charming about it. "I'll just end up gettin' it cut off, and suin' somebody" was what he told me a few minutes ago on the phone from work. Oh, yeah. My kid... you gotta love him.

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Holly » 6 years ago

Brown recluse bites (if that's what it was) are nothing to fool around with -- glad you went to ER. Hope all is better soon.