How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Mar 23, 2012

Progress... and How Do I Get Away With Murder?

First of all, Connie darlin, start walking!!! I have found that my temper flairs less often these days, and burns its self out quicker after a good, fast walk, like just now. Holly, love you my dear, kind friend... and miss you by the way. the past few times I've been to church, I didn't see your sweet face among those fussin' over how much I've changed!!!! Come on, girl!!! I wanna see you!!

Now, down to business...

I am going to kill my daughter, Punk. Where is that shovel you promised??

Those who have been following me know that until December, I was vehicularly challenged. Micah, my car, has been a true gift. I now walk because I CHOOSE to walk, not because I would otherwise go hungry or smokeless. But, you see, Micah is the only ve-hicle doing any going right now. My son's beautiful machine is in dire need of brakes and a few odds and ends, and he doesn't want to drive it much until said repairs are made. My daughter's car is sickly at the moment as well. So, Micah gets used by all right now.

My daughter tends to loose track of time easily. She also has a tendancy to ignore her phone if mom is calling. So, tonight, she is off, heaven knows where, flittering around in MY CAR, leaving me stranded... with only 2, count them, 1... 2 cigarettes... and the store I frequent closes, well right about now. So, it was either, do with out smokes until morning (not a very good idea) or walk to the store. Now, I swore when I got my car, I would never HAVE to walk again, come the hot place or high water. (that was creative editing for you, Punk) I walked.

What took me about 20-25 minutes 6 months ago, took less than 10 tonight.

To be honest, I am actually a little choked up seeing that in writing. I look at myself, and don't see a lot of change, except for some junk I've mentioned in previous entries. Tonight, I have physical proof of real progress. We live on a street that has a steep hill. 6 months ago, I was huffing and puffing, stopping half way up it. Tonight... I didn't even break a sweat, or stride. I am truly stunned.

The daughter just came home, apologizing profusely for leaving her phone in MY car. I guess she gets to live a little while longer.

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the punk » 6 years ago

Wow. Just wow!