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Brought up Mar 22, 2012

Smokin', Cussin', and Other Fun Things

Ok, now I know smoking is bad for me. I have even quit when I was carrying my daughter for almost a year, 7 months carrying, and about 3 months after she was born. But let's face it, smoking gives my mouth something to do when I can't shoot it off. And since I've been told I talk in my sleep, my mouth needs entertainment a good deal of the time, or it gets me in trouble. And the thing is, I actually like smoking. It's assinine, I know, but I do. Now the Punk has jumped on the band wagon of those wanting me to quit... Ok, he jumped on that wagon soon after we became reaquainted.

The Punk, and my mom are the ones that want me to not cuss as well. This weekend, while at my mom's, I almost fell, and let out what she calls 'the filthiest' word. You can probably guess it. The Punk thought her threat to 'wash out your mouth with the toilet brush' was hysterical. Ok, maybe it is sort of funny... I was mortified, since I don't cuss in front of mama at all. In fact there are a few of my family members who, out of respect, I do not cuss or smoke in front of. I guess it's an old southern thing, showing respect for those whose feelings may be injured in some way by certain actions. I try not to cuss with the Punk either, because he frowns on it... unless I am very angry. And I have actually caused him to use a swear word or two... not toward me, but in anger for me.

So I smoke and cuss... big furry deal. If I get rid of those bad habits, what do I have left? Well, let's see. I love driving fast, which the Punk says means I 'ain't got no sense.' My husband calls me Mario at such times. I haven't had a speeding ticket in 25 years, so I guess I choose my speeding areas carefully, or I am just freakin' lucky. Are they all going to demand I slow down? What's the use in stickin' around another 20-30 years if I have to let go of all the fun stuff? It doesn't make sense!! Oh, and my brats think I spend too much time on the computer, and not enough in the 'real world.' All right, I say, what would you have me do? Uhmmm, well, that sort of stumps them. I don't run around in bars like I did in my younger years, pre-brat. Our pathetic town has very little else as far as entertainment for the slightly older generation. I guess I could go bowling... by myself. How 'bout the movies... by myself. Yeah, the real world has so much to offer around here...

So I smoke, cuss, hang with my friends on the WWW, and when I DO get out, drive AT LEAST 15 miles over the speed limit... I'm ok with that, for now. Who knows what mischief I may get into when I reach my weight goal, and yes Punk, quit smoking... I do know one thing, the whole freakin' world just might get a 'SCREW THIS' or a 'BITE ME' if they don't like where I go at that point...

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Connie » 6 years ago

LOL LOL LOL Since you brought it up. . . .I've no idea what to do with my temper, since I quit! SOOOOOO whoever has the nerve to cross me, they die.