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Brought up Mar 25, 2012

Bad Influence

All right...the Punk's oh so goody goody influence has not only ruined my colorful vocabulary, today I discovered he's also messed up my impulsive reactions.

I was almost hit by a car this morning. I walk the exact same route every morning. People sometimes come out to say good morning, stop their cars even once in a while. It's gotten kind of cool. Normally I smile, wave and go on, but now, sometimes I stop and chat. Anyway, I set out, and was just out of sight of my house. There are duplex apartments around our area, and one such building is near our house. Anyway, this building always has about 5 or 6 cars parked in its small parking area.

I saw the guy out messing with his truck, and I figured he saw me; I'm really hard to miss. The guy got into a car, I assume to jumpstart the truck, and I'm bopping along. He came gunning backwards. I barely got past, having to nearly run when I saw he wasn't stopping. Enter the Punk's influence... Normally, I would have yelled a couple of my favorite obscenities, maybe slapped the car, waited for the creep to get out and yelled at him to watch where his stupid ass was going. I just kept going. I didn't even think to give him the finger later when he passed me in his big ole redneck 4x4. I just scowled at him.

Now, I even thought 'jerk', not one of my more colorful names for such idiots. It was a few minutes later I realized the difference. I have actually started editing my thoughts... well, no, it's actually not editing, is it, if the words don't materialize, right? Now, if I can just keep those words from flying when I'm angry, I'm golden, huh? Man!! Do I really have to have a 'ladylike' vocab to be a grown up? Punk, 'lady' is one four letter word I have never associated with myself. Not sure I want it, either!!!

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punk » 6 years ago

Too funny! I'm glad you weren't hit. Remember that time that i also wanted to be a lady...monte python style...