How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Mar 17, 2012

Yikes!!! WTF!!

All right, maybe I'm wrong, but, hell, isn't it MARCH??? 80 friggin' degrees... and it's only March? WTF!!! (Sorry if I violate your delicate sensibilities, Punk) My walk this morning was as bad as my very first one. Ok, I over slept; forgot to set the alarm. So it was 5 til 9 when I went out. Traffic already out, and here's my big backside out there huffin' and puffin' around the various blocks of my usual route. The humidity is already screwing with my hair and making my hands all puffy like always, but man! it's only March! My muscles were aching before I left the friggin' driveway, I was struggling by the third block, and by the time I finished and collapsed into my favorite chair, I thought I was dying. Yes, I still did my usual route, added blocks and all, and yes I still did it in around 20 minutes... but, Man!! Can you imagine how hard it's going to be in friggin' July!!! I sure hope I can at least shed a few more pounds, and possibly (no promises) ditch the smokes by then. Otherwise, I will my blog to the Punk, hoping he can continue our goal of world conquest with out his quirky side kick... (Ok, we both know, I am in charge... I just let you think it's all your idea, Punk!! J/K)


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