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Brought up Mar 14, 2012

Good Morning!!

I know, right? Two in less than 12 hours... Go figure! First, Yo, Connie!! Honey, I am lookin for the freakin' spandex!! anything that can yank this saggy ole butt back up where it doesn't hit my freakin' knees, I am willing to wiggle into!! Thanks, darlin' for keepin' me goin'!!!

This weekend, I found an old pair of jeans I had forgotten I had. I was looking for two other pairs, older than these, but, when I found this pair, I was over joyed. Then reality hit. When I ordered this pair, and they arrived, I tried them on, or tried to try them on. I couldn't zip them. I sat and cried, then tossed them somewhere and forgot them.That had to be about 5 years ago. So, Sunday night, I sat on my bed and stared those jeans down. Then, I yanked off my customary sweat pants, and gritting my teeth, tried the jeans on again.

THEY FIT!!! Not only do they fit, They are about a size too big!!! I washed them for the first time, figuring they would shrink up, but they didn't that I can see. For the first time in maybe 8 or 10 years, I have been wearing jeans. Me. The sweatpants queen.

So, this morning, I was dragging, thinking how pointless the walking is, how I really don't see much difference, how my calves scream at me on those tiny little rises in the road that some call hills, I call friggin' mountains. Bon Jovi pounding in my ears, it dawned on me... the song is right. "It's my life, and it's now or never. I ain't gonna live forever..." Nope, I ain't gonna live forever, but you know, if 20 minutes of my morning can give me a few more years living in a smaller me, maybe it's worth the pain in my legs and feet. Who knew a bunch of Jersey Boys, and a pair of old lady blue jeans (yup, elastic in the back, and a waistband under my arm pits!) could get this old southern chick pumped up and armed for bear today?

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YAYY!!! Go Kandy!!! Rock out!