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Brought up Mar 20, 2012

A One Day Vacation...

I spent the past few days fussing over my mom. She fell a couple of weeks ago, and we thought at first she broke some toes. Turns out nothing is broken, but we learned yesterday she has arthritis in her feet, and gout because of her blood pressure meds. No fun at all. She has spent the past couple of weeks barely able to walk, but this weekend, it was so severe she refused to leave her bed most of the time. I figured out right away it was more depression, and fear, along with the pain. Once we all started fussing with her, instead of babying her, she perked up, and became her usual bossy, irasible self. I spent the night with her Sunday night, and I think it was good for both of us. It gave her the chance to boss me around, always with a "thankyee ma'am" added at the end. It gave me the chance to jump and do and say "yes ma'am," like i was about 10 years old again... we both chuckled over how the other was acting. Then we relaxed and just enjoyed each other's company.

The thing about my family is we always get so caught up in our own dramas, we forget the others. Mama's accident brought home the fact that she isn't getting any younger, and we need to be spending more time with her now, not regretting later. It also taught my own kids that though they are both grown, more or less, and can take care of themselves just fine, they missed having mommy there to do things for them. Of course, they also missed my car... poor babies... I am just really broken up, huh? haha

My mom lives out in the middle of no where, you hang a left at the sticks, just before you get to the boonies. There are neighbors, but for the most part, the trees block them, and it feels like a whole different world there. At night, the sky is so clear, you can see more stars than I remember existing. The real plus, and minus, is that it is so quiet out there. I sat on her front steps, just diggin' the stars and quiet, scratching Rocky's belly. (Rocky is my brother's dog that likes mama more than him) When I went to bed, however, I like to have never slept. It was too quiet. No cars whizzing by, no radio playing by my bed, no snoring from my brats. Want to know something strange? It was like a little vacation from my usual life. It gave me a chance to be on equal footing, sort of, with my mom, and let us be just two women getting to know each other again. It was fun, but should have happened years ago. I hope to spend a whole weekend with her soon, when I need another mini break from the chaos that runs my life.


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