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Brought up Mar 10, 2012

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I have decided I like this MP3 thingy. I have started using it on my walk, and it helps me focus more on the music and less on those pesky random thoughts that send me into a tizzy, or make me want to chuck all this weight loss BS. I added another two blocks the other day, and am now, as of this morning, doing the whole route in 12 minutes flat. It really is rewarding to feel my calves burning on those little hills, but to be honest, this deflated balloon thing happening on the tummy is just a little weird looking. The more I lose, the worse it's getting. I have decided to add it to the battle scars.

But back to this thing that is at this moment blasting Boston into my brain. That is the real beauty of my new little electronic toy. (Don't be gross, Punk!) I can blast what I want and no one is complaining that either it is a) 'that old stuff,' b) 'way too loud, mom' or worse c) 'mom, since when are you a head banger?' Uhm, ok, now these are the same kids who know all the words to Journey, Kansas, and Bon Jovi songs. These are the same kids who know that their dad likes AC/DC and Judus Priest, though he listens to John Denver and Fleetwood Mac more. These are the same kids who blast Pink, Lil Wayne, Mudvayne, Staind, etc... Uhm, ok? Now don't get me wrong, I like Pink, and laughed the first time I heard 'You and Your Hand'. It made me think of 'girls' nights' in college. I rarely complain about THEIR music, though I use that word quite loosely on some of the junk the boy comes up with.

Now their complaint is that they have to repeat themselves, because mom has that stupid thing stuffed in her ears again. Sorry kids, but when I have Bon Jovi or Guns 'n' Roses playing, it has to be loud or it just ain't right... Yeah, 49, and diggin' Poison, Meatloaf, and Cheap Trick again. Go figure! Well, I do have a little Jim Croce and Cat Stephens on the MP3, too. But, those aren't played much, when I can be bouncing along with Sweet Child or Have a Nice Day pounding into my ears. I may be getting a little long in the tooth, but I was told yesterday I look 10 years younger, and hey, I never was an 'elevator music' type, so why should I be now? The next time one of the brats complains that I need to act my age, I plan to crank up Welcome to the Jungle, and say, I am! Ok, it's G'n'R's version of Sympathy for the Devil as I close... What can I say, I love that little shuffle button...

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Connie » 6 years ago

Don't worry about that tummy. Spanx babe!