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Brought up Mar 14, 2012

Adventures With a 19 Year Old, Continued...

It's been a few days since I wrote. My husband was home, finally, after about 6 weeks on the road... a new record with the idiots for whom he works. He has finally begun looking into different companies. No idea where it will lead, but it has to happen soon, or things are going to go from bad to impossible.

Today was one of my more interesting in the month, mainly because, for a few short hours, I wasn't worrying over the bills. I took my female offspring to check into getting braces. The girl has fussed about her teeth most of her teens, but, between crapy insurance and crapy companies paying crapy wages, we have not been able to have much done other than the basics of tooth care. She is planning to pay for this herself. It breaks my heart that she is taking on so much responsibility at such a young age, but she is one tough cookie, and if anyone can do this, she can.

We took a friend of hers with us, and it gave me some insight on my kid. I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!! My daughter is who she is, and if people don't like it, she will most definitely tell them to shove it. I asked her friend at one point if my girl acted with her the way she was acting today. The friend laughed, and said YES!! In fact, that said kid was her 'crazy friend' and that it was why she was her best friend. Ok, it was funny when she was hanging her head out the window, barking at a farmer working in a pasture, but her little joke of having me almost turn at a taxidermy sign instead of where we were going sort of ticked me off a bit. All in all, it was a fun day, fighting over the music, with her friend siding with me more than once, and laughing at my kid's antics.

I think I have said this before, but it deffinitely bears repeating, my daughter is my hero. She is my proof that I have done something right in raising her to think for herself. The Punk calls her a chip off the block... Uhmmm, weeellll.... Nope, still don't see it... But, one of her coworkers did ask her what was her sister's name, when the two of us were having lunch together the other day when she had finished working for the day. After laughing like idiots, she explained the joke... to which he refused to believe I was her mom. Ok, maybe there is hope for me to be more like her after all... If I don't look my age, maybe I can get away with doing a few things I want to do, and NOT act my age!!!


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