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Brought up Mar 4, 2012

'Guilty Pleasures'

I have to admit, I don't feel guilty over much these days, especially the little things most would call guilty pleasures. Chocolate, for example, is more sustainance than treat anymore. Yet, there is one thing I must admit my children roll their eyes over... Rocky Horror Picture Show. When I found the DVD, my kids watched it once with me, each confused at my excitement, and calling it dumb. Oh well, I guess it is one of those things that you just have to be a certain age in a certain frame of mind to enjoy. Oh, but how it brings back a wonderful memory.

Picture, if you will, a college union's ballroom. Since our generation seemed to consider dances out of date, the administration began showing movies in the large room. One night we were all thrilled to learn they were showing Rocky Horror. I had never seen it, and was a little confused when a friend came for me carrying a shopping bag. She explained that I would get it when the movie started. She was also wearing odd makeup, but explained her usual gear was at home in Chicago.

When we arrived at the union, I felt a little out of place in my jeans and t as almost everyone was dressed in pjs, or other outfits that were odd to me. There were a few dressed as I was, how ever, and so I relaxed. We found a spot, sat on the floor, and waited.

When the movie started, I was shocked. I was just a little country gal, after all and had no idea what was going on. Soon, how ever, my friend had me yelling the right things at the right times, putting a newspaper over my head while using one of her squirt guns for rain, throwing toast at the screen, and singing along. It really was quite an experience. I was never quite the same after learning to do the Time Warp.

Now, of course, I don't throw cards and toast at my tv, watching the DVD about once a month or so, but I have caught myself whispering certain bad words when Brad opens his mouth, or Janet appears on the screen, remembering that room full of kids and grinning. If I could go back, I'd dress up as Magenta and do the Time Warp Again!


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