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Brought up Jun 10, 2012

Some Times, You Have to Get Lost...

I'm back, in more ways than one. I've spent this past week in a state of high anxiety. I felt lost, that something valuable in me was gone. I thought it was the disagreement I had with my friend, but this morning on my walk, I realized it had actually started a bit earlier. I was trying to deal with it, and had no idea how to do that. I also thought it had to with some health issues that may or may not be something big. I realized it was a part of it, but not the core of the problem. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind, on the verge of a stroke, or a heart attack. The fight or flight thing, adrenaline pumping, was a constant from the moment I woke until my brain finally shut down at night. It was a silly, stupid thing really that set it off, but until I really zeroed in on it, I saw the anxiety spiraling way out of control. And control is one thing I value above all. Please don't laugh. If one has read my previous entries, one might get a slight glimpse of why the problem was a problem in the first place.

I was hit on by a strange man at the laundry mat as I folded clothes. This man flirted so outrageously, I laughed in his face. The things he said would probably flatter most women my age, size and situation, but it actually sent me into a bit of a tailspin. I texted my two best friends about it, joking. It was no joke, however. The man meant nothing wrong, I'm sure, and probably thought he was giving me a little ego boost. It did for a small fraction of time. Part of me felt he was even making fun of me. It brought out some things I struggle with daily.

The thing is, I sometimes think being female has been the real bane of my existance. Many things that have happened in my life would not have were I a man. Even the disagreement with my friend.

Rosanne Barr tackled a bit of the issue once on her sit com many years ago. It stuck with me for the very reason that I saw myself, and my own struggle, my own past. On the show, she was heavy, and lost a good deal of weight. I saw her on a talk show, and she elaborated, in detail, on the true story, and I wept. A woman who has been abused will often gain weight. For some reason, it's like the body forms a barrier of unconscious protection, an apron of flesh shielding the offending source, in her mind, from sight. When such things are not dealt with somehow, it can really mess a woman up when changes occur.

This morning, I searched for a way to deal with my anxiety on my own. I was not fit for human contact. I went to my favorite thinking place, and it was no comfort at all. I drove to the nearby lake. I put on my CD of classical piano pieces, and watched the water, imagining its endless flow. It helped a bit, but would have been better had the park's cleaning staff been less rambunctious. So I drove. I must have hit the previous button 10 times, replaying the Debussy piece. I now have a real love for Clair de Lune... As I drove, I tried to empty my thoughts. Didn't work. I prayed. No, not much help. Finally, I let my mind do what it pleased, and really paid attention to where it went. I turned into our local military park. I was lost on those winding paved paths, but just let the car go where it would, making deliberate right turns instead of my usual left. I had realized at the lake that I wanted more than anything to just be completely alone to work things out. I was looking for the serenity I normally get at church, but without the distractions of having to deal with people. The further I let myself get lost, physically, the more I came to myself again. I realized, short of a labodomy and a sex change, I was pretty much stuck. I actually laughed at that, and it didn't sound forced or hysterical to my ears anymore. I realized, if I want others to accept me as just me, I have to accept the things, all of them, that make me me. And being a woman, good, bad or indifferent, is one of those things. It isn't anywhere all of me, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a part I have to learn to deal with.

I always look for signs that my prayers are being answered. One of my friends finds his in scripture, another in things that happen around her. I find mine in music.

I switched off the CD, let the radio play, and got my answer... Three songs in a row, all speaking to me. I listened to the lyrics. I laughed, smiled, and realized, I was not lost after all. The songs? Right Now by Van Halen, Golden Years by David Rowie, and I won't Back Down by Tom Petty. I know, I'm weird, so why wouldn't God talk to me on my level?

So, I am back. I'm going to be okay, come what may on this journey of mine.


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