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Brought up Jun 9, 2012

The individual Person

Something I have struggled with all my life is trying to have people accept me as an individual. I am just me, just Kandy. This week, I have been thinking a lot about that, and why it is so important to me.

I am a member of many groups, groups that do not recognize me as just me. I am white. That makes me a member of a very large group on this planet, but does not distinguish me as an individual. I am female, a major section of the population, but still not unique. I am also a member of a large religious organization, a member of a slightly smaller group with in the Christian faith. I am an American, still on of many millions. I was an abused kid, so that sticks me into another group, not unique at all. I am a wife, mother, neither of which makes me one of a kind, either. I am told I am intelligent (which I question a lot), but it’s nothing new on this planet. I am stubborn, opinionated, constantly trying to be honest and open minded, and failing more than succeeding. Still nothing out of the ordinary. Those are all PARTS of who I am, but that is not really at all who I am. I am just me, just Kandy. All I have ever truly wanted in my life is to be loved and accepted as just me.

I could probably tan my skin to the point where I might be accepted as a member of a different race, I suppose. There is surgery that could change my gender, if I wanted. I could become Hindu, Buddhist, or even atheist, and give up that part of me. It would be like chopping off an arm but I could do it. I could move to another country, renounce my citizenship. I could divorce my family. All those things are changeable, so not unique to me. In the end, they are only transitory parts of me. I am one in the universe, I hope. I really hope. Otherwise, I feel sorry for the Kandy out near Alpha Centari struggling with all this crap. I try to take each person as they come, as just that person, the sum of their parts, but unique. It’s all I expect in return. Doesn’t everybody?


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