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Brought up Jun 3, 2012

Music, the Language of the Soul...

When I woke this morning, both my kids were up, having just strolled in after a night of work, and messin' around. 5:45 A M and they are just starting a movie... Ok, the girl strolled off to bed as I headed out for my walk, but first, my favorite part of the movie. The movie is The Prince and Me. My favorite part is where he watches her dance as she cleans up at closing time. If you haven't seen the flick, it's just sort of sweet. She doesn't know anyone is watching, she's barefoot, dancing gently as she wipes down the tables of the bar. The song is Hope I Don't Fall in Love With You, an old Tom Waits song. It's just his gravelly voice, and an accoustic guitar. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it last year when my kid brought home the DVD. It's just one of those songs that talks to my heart, my very soul. The lyrics are not it, not really. It's the simplicity of the music. I wish I had it on my MP3 to play it over and over.

I wish I could play guitar. I would always be playing. I admire anyone who can play, no matter what their skill level. (That's for you, Punk!) There is just something in music that seems to be expressed, something words can not capture. It's hard for me to describe it, but anyone who loves music understands. I think, it's the soul of the musician speaking to the listening soul. It's a matter of being open enough to get the message.


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