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Brought up May 3, 2012

Reconstruction... Arg!!!!!

Ok, I had a blog all written, went to 'publish' and forgot to check the internet box. No green light means when you push 'publish' it goes bye bye. So, now I have to rebuild it.

I would love to say it was the best work I've ever done. I would love to say it was all glorious prose that would make the strongest weep, the most stoic laugh, and the dumbest think. I would love to... but it was mainly me grousing about walking in the rain, what a pain in the ass it is to be 19 days tobacco free, and how all those romantic songs of walking in the rain are a crock. All you get are soggy sneakers when you walk alone in the rain at 6:45 in the morning. And if your umbrella isn't big enough to cover your broad rear end, one arm and leg get wet, too.

I started with a smart assed comment to the Punk, my darlin' friend that I talk to on here during the day while he works to conquer the world. He's doing that now, in fact, from his desk, surrounded by about 50 computer screens,(ok, more like 5) probably sipping coffee or Diet Dew, and manuvering his pawns around the world. He was amused by my morning and I threatened to bust his chops for it. But I can't. It has been slightly humorous this morning. The Punk is right, as usual, but please don't tell him. The man has an ego the size of Everest as it is. And, like the snotty, obnoxious little brother figure that he is, he will not let me forget it, until I find a way to bust his chops...hummmm......

Anyway, first, I woke to a rainy day, sloshed around the blocks, came home, and lost the blog. It was a thing of beauty... I so wish...

I quoted the movie my male offspring had playing in the DVD player as he snored away on the couch. The Shooter. "Welcome to Tennessee, the patron state of shootin' stuff." I just thought it was kind of funny. That Mark Walburg has really come a long way. I don't usually get into the shoot 'em up or conspiracy flicks, but for certain fellers, I make the exception. Walburg is on that list. After the quote, I flew into my blathering on about the rain. Then, bitched and moaned about having to haul laundry to dry. Man, will I be glad to get a new dryer of my very own again. The husband was actually delivering in town, and gave me clothes to wash and dry. So it had to be done this morning. I ended with more complaining about having to drive in this town under certain conditions: rain, being in a hurry, being behind the wheel at the wrong time of day or week. I truly think they recruit psychos from the closest mental hospital, hand them keys, and say "Go to this place and drive like you are being chased by bears or bees, or something."

There's also the slightly funny bit about the friggin' kittens messing with my computer while I bopped over to get the clothes dry. I have no clue what the furballs did, but I liked to have never got back into my computer. and there was a paragraph of vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvs. Told the Punk they were just typing zzzzzzzzzzzz, but, like their sub-mom, they can't type well. Of course, he said maybe he shouldn't have been typing 'Here kitty kitty.' (One of the many reasons I call him Punk: his humor.)

Well, that was what the blog would have contained, if it hadn't gone skipping off with those socks that seem to disappear in the wash, and that $50 bill I swear was in my purse about five years ago... TTFN

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Anonymous » 6 years ago

Good to the last drop!