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Brought up Mar 1, 2012

Aw, Not Davy Jones...

Man, I am so floored. I have spent so much time this year remembering so many things from my growing up. Today, though, i am suddenly heart broken. Where would the preteen and teenage girls of my era have been with out Davy Jones? His sweet voice, his charming smile, and adorable accent was worth making sure your butt was parked in front of the tv, and worth clobbering the little brother if he tried to change the channel. He was proof that great things really do come in small packages. Over the years, we have seen the Monkees made fun of, but heck, where would all those idiot boy bands have been if it weren't for the Monkees? They were the first. Now, today, another piece of my childhood has drifted off the planet to what ever is next. aw, Man, I'm crying again. Bye, Davy. We loved you little guy.


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