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Brought up Feb 27, 2012

Snow White... Revisited?

Watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with my daughter is a real experience. First, not only can she NOT name all seven, she swears one is actually named Stutter. She also swears the movie is perverted. A girl living with seven men, and the first night one asks "What are you and who are you doing?"

Ok, it is a little gross for the animals to be licking the dishes clean. If Doppy swallowed the soap, how did they lather up poor Grumpy? And when they threw him into the tub after tying ribbons in his beard, where did the ribbons go when he came back up? Why does Dopey have his tongue out all the time? Is he on drugs? Duh, DOPE-Y!

Maybe the movie is old, and there are some things that are a little non-PC. I mean, Dopey does a little thing with a cymbal that some might find offensive... Not to mention the child labor, cruelty, abandonment, attempted murder, and a hint of molestation. After all, she is a child. That moronic prince, riding around, accousting young girls is a bit creepy. And then he kisses what appears to be the corpse of a near stranger.

When you really look at it, that is one messed up story.

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Anonymous » 6 years ago

For sure! Have you ever really looked closely at Mother Goose poems?