How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Feb 24, 2012

And The Day Continues...

Have you ever had one of those days where, unexpectedly, it seems that the very blood in your veins is humming?

I woke with a snarl, argued myself out of bed and off for my walk, did the river thing, (see previous) and then ran errands. One of those happens to take me on a 20+mile drive. On the way, I was driving along, thinking what all I had to do, the radio blasting to the point that I could feel the vibration through the steering wheel. (Doesn't everybody?) On the drive home, I flipped stations, passing up my usual heavy metal for an oldies station. And wouldn't you know, a song comes on that I know all the words. The reason for that isn't that it has been heard alot, though it has, but that it happens to be one I had to memorize once. High school chorus. Fun times, considering I couldn't carry a tune if it were glued to me. 'Yesterday Once More,' and the sweet voice of Karen Carpenter blasting through out the speakers. I'm sure anyone passing would have thought I had lost my mind... and if the kids had been with me, they would have, well, I wouldn't have heard the song. (we have a constant battle over music. I feel the driver should be in charge, don't you?) Anyway, I was singing along loud enough to hear myself, ever so slightly off key, and thinking of those days of old. I know it seems I live in the past these days, but there is a reason for that. My life has come full circle. The last third or so, and the first third, have sort of met. Old friendships renewed, discoveries made, and a sense of finally knowing who I am have me really looking at the past. The present isn't so bad. I bounce back from the negative much faster. And I actually see a future full of promise, something worth planning for.

It's really a very cool feeling... just to feel like singing full out, "just like before..." along with Karen...


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