How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Feb 24, 2012

Another River Day

First, Connie, ah, me darlin' girl (imagine a cheesy and completely awful Irish brogue) I am so glad to hear I ain't goin' daft!! And both of those happen to be among my favorite movies... Thanks for the back up, I need it!!

Today has really just gotten started, and I am already here. I'm really killing time until I have to go run errands, but since I don't wait well for others, I have to have something to do. And since the Punk, my weekday chatter and crazy sweet friend, is off stomping around in the woods with his son in law, brothers, and any other idiots they could scare up to sleep in the woods, I'm here.

I had my first cup of coffee for the day by the river. I need a new thinking spot, as I am distracted by the ugly trailers and prefab little houses they've thrown up on the other side of the river. the graffiti I can do with out as well. Today, as always, I am struggling to make sense of things, working out issues and just plain talking to Who Ever Is Listening, as I usually address God in my prayers lately. I haven't heard back on the job, and am planning to call them after 4, if I still have heard nothing.

I have decided that I will keep looking, as there has to be SOMEONE out there willing to give a mature, intelligent person a chance. (Shshshsh, I won't tell if you don't!!) It was one of the many things I was chatting with my Maker about today. Also, I keep getting the urge to write. My stories will do nothing sitting half finished in this contraption. The Punk told me about a book that has lists of magazines that publish stories, and I plan to spend part of tomorrow in the library checking on that. My writing is a part of me, and I have been told it is worth sharing. Thus, the blog. But, hey, man, I got bills that ain't gonna pay themselves, and the husband's checks just don't cut it. I have been yelling, crying and tapdancing over money for years with him. It's now past time I get off my lazy ass and make some money. Not only will it help FINALLY get the bills paid, it will give me a chance to have a bit of independence. Heaven knows, I have earned it, and finally realize, hell, I deserve it!!!


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