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Brought up Feb 18, 2012

Another Friday In My Journey To Rejoin Life

It's Friday. I usually don't care much for Fridays; never have. Today started off a bit rough, but has ended with a lot of hope for new things.

I have my first real job interview in 25 years! Now, yes, I did substitute teach for a few years, until about 6 or 7 years ago, but i didn't interview for that; I simply filled out the papers, was finger printed, paid the money for the background check, and was put on a call list. This is different. So very different. My brother said this particular establishment may be hiring. I went in and was told the owner does all the hiring, and was given his card. He was not in, but I was told to call him when he was. I did. I talked to him a few minutes, and he said, yes, he did have a slot open. Could I come in on Monday, after 4? ARE YOU KIDDING?? No, I didn't say that, but boy, was I thinking it. We chatted a bit, he called me sweetie as we were saying goodbye. I have a tiny glimmer of hope. Maybe, just maybe, someone is willing to give this old chick a chance. Wouldn't that be a hoot?! LOL!!!

On the down side, when the owner wasn't in, I went to our local employment agency. The only job they had that I was remotely qualified for was Room/Suite Supplier at one of our local hotels, owned by a very well known company. I came home, went on line, filled out all the stuff, took about an hour. Then, I took an Assessment Test... and failed it. Ok, now, the questions were tedious, and stupid. How the heck am I supposed to know their policies on mice? I answered each question the way I would handle each sitch... Either I am too nice, ;) or just not housekeeping material... which I could have told them with out wasting a freakin hour of my time... I should send them a bill!

Anyway, the week wasn't one of the best I have had, but I do like how it ended... I am open to any ideas on how to land this job. And welcome all prayers, wishes of good luck, wiccan spells for good fortune, dances for successful hunting, rubbing Buddha's belly, what ever... And thanks ahead of time. (and yes, I know Buddha is miss spelled... I welcome ALL spelling corrections, too!!)

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Holly » 6 years ago

Lots of good thoughts coming your way!

the punk » 6 years ago

Good luck!