How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Feb 12, 2012

Lazy weekends...

I slept in until nearly nine this morning. Crazy for me. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to church, conserving gas for the week, so I just rolled over at four when the boy strolled in, and slept. It was kind of nice not to feel rushed, and just be lazy.

I went to the track, again. But, MAN WAS IT COLD!!! I got a glimpse at the local bank's sign, reading 24 degrees... I walked two laps. i thought my face would fall off by the time I was back in my car. Just fall right off and shatter across the pavement. My legs were yelling, "Are you nuts, lady?" To which I kept saying, Aw, its not so bad. "Yeah, right. WE aren't the ones nearly plowing into everything." Ok, ok... I really was having a little internal discussion... At least I'm not talking out loud and batting at invisible things, YET. I WAS walking with my eyes half covered by the hood... that's my excuse, and I'm stick with it!

No deep thinking, watching the river today. I brought my happy tail home, fueled up on caffine, and played games. On the computer. All day... Uhmm... I really need to get a life...

I've decided that on weekends, when there are no anklebitters at the school, I am going to walk the track instead of the neighbor hood. There is just something nice about knowing, sort of, how far I am walking. There are no dogs chasing or barking at me, no cars. I don't really have to pay as close attention to where I'm going, except for the gates that were standing wide open. My mind can wander where it chooses. I know, that isn't a great idea, as I have decided my mind has no business going where it wants most days. But, hey, like I said, I'm not chasing butterflies that only I see, yet.


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