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Brought up Feb 10, 2012

Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth?

It's been a very long week. Between my brother's complications, my kids, and friends, I am very glad the week is almost over for once.

My youngest had her wisdom teeth out today. What a way to cap off this crazy week. Why do they call them that? There is nothing wise about teeth that rarely come in properly, if they are able to at all. Her bottom ones were impacted, pushing all her other teeth forward... Sorry Kid. My fault. Mine were just the same as hers. She had a wonderful oral surgeon, who is truly a good guy. Kudos, Dr. Bauer. She came through like the trooper she is, though now that the numbness is gone, she is in pain. The only thing she wants is a burger, which she can not have. She was very funny after she came out of the anesthesia. When I went back to be with her, she was lounging in a wonderfully roomy, overstuffed recliner, joking that she wanted to take it with her. I told her, sure, did she think it would fit in the car? Most of what she had to say, I could tell by the tone, was joking. unfortunately, her cheeks were packed with gauze. I could barely understand a word. So she sent me a text. Uh, well, I received a 'text' that was completely unreadable. Once she sent it, she forgot what it was supposed to say! The nurse and I both laughed. The kid grinned a big chesshire grin. She looked like a 5 feet 10 inch chipmunk.

This day has proven that there are so many wonderful people in this world. The kindness in some has proven to be more than I ever dreamed possible, in others quite unexpected. I don't know how I will ever repay such, but I will find a way. I can not wait to be in a position to do just that. I feel truly blessed.

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Connie » 6 years ago

:0) Just keep passing it along and I know you have. I hope your daughter is much better....