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Brought up Feb 16, 2012

"Smile, It Increases Your Face Value"

First, thanks for taking the time to visit and read. And to those who take an extra few to comment, or just say 'Hi' thanks to you, too. Connie, darlin, I always love your comments. Comments help me know what works, and what would have done better to stay tucked under what ever bit of fluff from which it drifted to my keyboard.

Now, let's see... Oh, yes, the title. It's a quote from one of my favorite movies: Steel Magnolias. It's funny what a smile can do for a person.

I was feeling a bit blue, reflective. I had to run out into the rain for a few errands, and dreaded that, too. So off I went. At one of the places I had to go, to feed my very bad habit, the girls know me, and my brand. I walked in, not wanting to chat or smile. Ah, but the cheery Kandy that has been driving this bod now days has fans. One of the clerks makes a joke when I come in at the last minute, and she did so again tonight. The other simply asked how many, and the three of us chatted for a few. Of course I was smiling as I drove away. At the other errand, I got a little of the same. Folks know me on sight these days, I guess. On my way to the final errand, it was pretty dark, still raining, and I saw two kids, one probably 10, the other maybe 15 walking along with shoping bags. I stopped to see if they needed a ride. They were almost home. No thanks, but I was graced with two more smiles.

Now, I was born in this town, and returned to the area about 15 years ago after my stint 'up north.' As I've said before, my roots run deep here. What just really gets to me, as that in the past 10 months, I have become a different person. I smile most of the time, laugh more, and I even look a bit different. People treat me differently as well. I think it's the smile. I've given so many away, folks just seem to have to give them back to me when I'm not smiling myself. It's a good feeling, a welcoming. Go ahead, smile. You'll see what I mean.


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