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Brought up Feb 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

There was a time I loved Valentine's Day. Remember in school when you decorated boxes, or bags, and everyone brought those brightly colored cards? You always wished that special boy or girl that you shoved or picked on (because, let's face it, how else do you get their attention?) would bring you one just a little different from the ones he or she brought everyone else. When we grew older, the mass card giving stopped, but you hoped that special one to whom you smiled and used every lame excuse for a chance to talk (ok, it wasn't much better at getting their attention) would have given you some little token to show your feelings were returned. Then comes those years of adulthood. You hope the guy or girl you're dating doesn't forget what Februrary 14th means, or worse, that he or she doesn't break up with you just before to duck out on gift giving. Marriage is a whole new ball game. Those first few years may bring gifts, flowers, even candle lit dinners. Or not.

When children come along, you once again get that little thrill of shopping for those brightly colored cards, watching how they take such pains to pick just the right ones for the one person they like, or don't like. You OOO and AHH, over what they bring home. It's not quite the same as getting them yourself, but, hey, it's something. And when they bring home those wonderful handmade construction paper and lace ones, with 'To Mommy' scrawled across. A little while back, my mother was going through some things, and there, in all the old pictures and other keepsakes was a faded, handmade Valentine I had made her in grade school. It brought tears to my eyes that she had kept it all those years. She still has it, tucked away.

These days, I don't care much for this day. All the glitter has rubbed off it for me. I don't remember the last time I had one of those heart shaped boxes of chocolate that I didn't buy myself on the 15th. My kids once in a while do that for me, but it's been a while, too. I have pretended for years that it doesn't matter... Maybe someday, I may even convince myself that it doesn't.

Then, last night, my daughter brings me a gift, three actually. A DVD, a tiny MP3 player, and a box of one of my favorite chocolates. No heart in sight, but you know, they were gifts straight from hers. Damn it all!! She had to go and make me believe in Valentines again...

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Mary » 6 years ago

Valentine's Day...its bitter sweet...for those that have a special someone, its a magical, loved filled day..but, for those that do not, its a day to saddness, disappointment, reminder or being alone. So..for those of us that are blessed to have loved ones in our lives, I hope we can find a few mins. to reach out to others and share the love.

Connie » 6 years ago

Thanks for posting this one....I adore your daughter, that she loves you so as to remember this day. Lovely. . .