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Brought up Feb 3, 2012

Life, Love, And Other Four Letter Words

I spent a nicely sized chunk of time today with the chick-lete that I sometimes claim as my daughter. We had a wonderful visit... to the oral surgeon. You see, like her mom, said chick has impacted wisdom teeth. Charming, isn't it, the things we pass on to our young'uns. Anyway, the good thing is that the surgeon happens to go to our church. Of course, the minute he walks into the room, he mentions the Bama/LSU game... sheepishly admitting he cheered for the Tide. Of course, he then made a pseudo-snarky remark, as he is want to do as an Ole Miss fan. We have had a merry war of words for years over which team needs to be led by the hand crossing the road. Anyway, after examining, and scheduling the surgery, I discovered just what a doll the man really is when we were informed of the break he is cutting for his cutting. Great guy.

During the drive home, between mini chats with the chick, I was think of so many things. One of them was part of a conversation I had with the Punk this morning. I was complaining, as usual, about that stinking, lying scale that keeps reminding me of just how far I still need to go on my quest to be able to buy clothes in the 'regular size department.' Last night, I even gave it a tongue lashing, out loud. As I told the Punk, "Screw you" was the cleanest phrase that came flying out.

Now, I have come to my point. When one says that they use four letter words, others assume it is swearing, or to use the term from around here, 'cussing.' As we drove along, the girl with some junk blasting from her radio, I started thinking that some of the best words in our language are four letter words as well. (Yeah, I know, I'm weird like that.)I even started a small list:










That's just a few. So, next time someone mentions four letter words, think of this. Hey! another one! Ha! Okay, so my real point is this, as in every thing, every bad has a good. For every Jerk, there is a nice guy or girl. It's kind of corny, I know, but it is something I am trying to puzzle out, so bear with me.

I am striving to leave a few four letter words by the wayside of my journey. It doesn't always work, especially if I lose my temper, but I am trying. I was once told that a person who 'cussed' did so because they had a poor vocabulary. I don't think it's quite that way. I think some of it comes from just being frustrated, angry or hurt, and using words that express those feelings best for that person. Of course, there are those, like my son, who used certain words to shock, to prove he is now able to use the 'grown up' words he had been forbidden in his younger years. And when called on his profanity, he is quick to point out where he learned such words... Uhm... Okay, guilty as charged. Though to be honest, I rarely used such language until I married a guy in the military. I've decided they teach a course in 'cussing' in basic training. Shock Your Mom and the Enemy in six weeks. I think they even give a medal for the foulest mouth, to hang right next to the marksmanship one.

In my never ending battle to clean up my act, I am going to work harder at cleaning up my language as well. Maybe I can 'cut out' that habit I have passed on to the boy, those 'bad' four letter words.

Looking back, I just noticed that many words only have four letters... Maybe, someday, I will be able to express myself using only the good, fine, kind, nice word.

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Punk read blog. Very good.