How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Jan 31, 2016


Since my grandson was born, I have often wondered what I will pass on to him when I no longer roam the earth.

I have no money, nothing anyone would think of as 'valuable' in the general way of thinking of such things.

Last night, I realized something that has passed on to him, something I can nurture and encourage. Something I can help in 'raisin' him right.'

Our little guy loves music.

Last night, I realized he is a lot like his Gamma when it comes to music. He likes just about any kind he hears.

I watched the little booger while his mom and dad worked on dad's car. I know, it's wild. A little while ago, she even changed the oil with him.

Anyway, after playing, watching what became increasingly boring episodes of Dragon Tales, the little guy crawled into my lap with a car clinched in his fist, and went to sleep.

I flipped through Netflix for a while, until I stumbled onto something I have wanted to watch for some time now. In the documentaries, there was 'The History of the Eagles.'

Since the passing of Glenn Frey (I still can't wrap my brain around that), It seems that there is a sudden interest in the band and it's music again.

Not that it ever really went away. Both my kids, and the little guy's mom, know the music. That generation's music education is solid, thanks to years of "Oh, mom! That stuff's old!"

Anyway, if you get the chance, you have to see that doc. It's a little raw with the language and vintage video images, but it is sort of a glimpse of my generation, and the one before it. (Not that WE actually lived it on that scale. Except for the clothes and music, most of us around here sort of skipped the rest of the fun, it seems)

Anyway, the 'rents came home just before the end of part one of the documentary. The little guy woke and fussed a bit, but settled down to play and groove to the Eagles.

We watched part 2 of the documentary, and I spent almost as much time watching the little guy.

There he was, 18 months old, really digging the tunes.

He danced a bit to "Take It Easy" and "Heartache Tonight." He bobbed his head in time to "Witchy Woman."

Watching the little guy really enjoy the 'old stuff' and his mom and dad bobbing their heads a bit with it, made me see that mot only had my kids been 'brought up right' but now, another generation has the opportunity to appreciate the music.

I can, and will, encourage that appreciation with the little guy.

I already see us in, say 10 years, bobbing our heads to the 'old stuff' and maybe even singing along.

Maybe I'll teach him to do the Twist like my mom taught me...


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