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Brought up Jan 27, 2016

Tangles and Loss

I haven't had it in me to write for a while now.

I don't know why.

The tangles in my mind seem to have tightened to the point where I can't pull a single thought string from them.

Yet, I have to try.

Writing has always been as comfortable to me as my sweat pants and old sneakers.

I need to figure out why it seems to have abandoned me of late.


Today, a beautiful little boy's body was returned to the earth from which we are all formed.

The past three weeks, the world watched as people from all walks of life converged on a small town not far from here, and searched for this tiny little boy who had wandered off in the woods.

All through the ordeal, people prayed for the family, vilified them, started rumors, even started a petition for 'justice.'

In the end, it all boiled down to one thing.

A child was missing.

A two year old child was out there somewhere, away from his family.

Almost one week to the day, the little boy was found.

They say his tiny body blended into the surrounding grass so well, they almost missed him.

His tiny footprints led the way.

Today, that tiny body was put to rest.

No one has said much about when he actually passed.

Such a much kinder word, isn't it?


Passed away.

I used to wonder what that meant, exactly.

I now think, it simply means, passing from this life to what ever comes next.

I feel, in my heart, this precious soul, life force, spark, left that tiny body and ran into the arms of a loving God that has a bigger plan than we mere mortals.

What it left behind was not just that tiny body.

There are parents grieving the loss of their child.

There is a family with a large hole in it, absent such a little child.

There is a community at loss for words and searching for understanding.

There are people all over the planet that are, this night, hugging their children just a little tighter.

This tiny, precious little soul touched the lives of literally millions.

Some will forget his name in a few weeks or months.

They will go on with their lives.

And yet, when ever a tiny blond haired boy crosses their line of sight, I think that other little boy's face will blink through their minds.

This could have been thousands of miles away, and we would have watched, prayed, and moved on.

But it was less than 50 miles from where I now sit. It happened in an area I have passed probably hundreds of times over the years.

I think, in this area, we will have a bit of trouble forgetting.

I think, we won't want to forget.

I think, for a very long time, I will look at my precious little grandson, watching him learn, grow, and change, and think of another little boy that will never be doing those things.

He will be forever frozen, just as he died.

And I will probably shed a tear as I do now.

Rest in the gentle hands of our loving Lord, Noah.

God bless and comfort his family.

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friend » 2 years ago

Well said. Glad to hear your thoughts again...